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What is an Ethical Hacker

Ever-so-often there will be snippets generated about hacking on the various media streams. It will either be from an unknown source or sometimes even bizarre farfetched information, some reports will blatantly refute breaching data or service related violation. Whatever be the case it always likes the wicked are at play and constantly trying new ways of attacking and invading these space –...

The game changing plans of Cameras with AI Brains

Ever tried using one of the current cameras? They seem to use the most insane technologies that are redefining the way we see the world. With cameras like the one in Google has Clips device that allows the camera to virtually understand the picture!! As if that weren’t enough – it also promises some captivating and uncanny probabilities. The whole ethos of someone just using a camera to click is...

Coding in Ethereum and creating smart contracts

The one factor that drives change is the ever-changing ecosystem, and even though I think it causes concern among people who are new to the change, I find that a little bit of curiosity and understanding can change the way we use technology. I consistently create web applications that use Ethereum and I do take advantage of the wonderful toolset I use to build this on a daily basis. Ethereum is a...

BlockChain Technology – A Solved Mystery

Are you curious about Bitcoins and Blockchain technology? These are the most trending terms since 2016. Every search engine is showing it as a top trend in multiple countries. Media companies are attracted to this trend because of its increased exposure. Non-tech savvy people have become interested in this technology because of the media. There are many people who are looking for a clear...

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I am a webtrepreneur, full stack developer and a technology evangelist. I have been coding from a young age. I also speak to databases and make servers do what I say, I am passionate about continuous learning. I thrive on challenges that require lateral thinking – no matter what language or technology. I have founded and Co-founded a number of startups and have created SaaS web applications for different industries. I am currently open to discussing and explore other opportunities.

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