Conquering Procrastination Part 1

I have been reading up on allot of ideas to be more productive therefore I have gathered the most effective productivity ideas I have come across, and I will be posting them in a 7 part series.

Many of these are pretty straight forward and others have nearly tripled my efficiency by implementing them.To help you get begun, here’s the first part below:


The Weekly/Daily Objectives approach is a technique I have uncovered to be very useful in fighting inactivity. The concept is easy:

1. At the conclusion of each week, compose a summary of work you need to complete within the next 7 days.

2. By the end of the day, shift a few of the tasks out of your weekly list on to
a new list. They are your frequent targets.

3. Once you finish your everyday objectives, cease working for that day.

The Weekly/Daily Objectives technique works because it pushes you to break-up your boundless to-do list. Rather than attempting to achieve everything, you complete a set amount of activities for every day. Through separating a pile of work into daily bites, it’s simpler to persuade you to get ultimately cracking on your tasks. Maintaining weekly objectives and goals together with a daily list enables you to include non-urgent, however, crucial items. Every week goals help you stay centered on the broad picture while everyday goals prevent you from experiencing stress.

Follow this series by clicking on the links below: (Updated weekly)

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