demystifying javascript

Demystifying Javascript

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I was inspired by my close friend Nur Ahmad Furlong to produce a Javascript series explaining how JavaScript can be used in browsers to make websites more interactive,interesting,and user-friendly.I will also be dabbling with jQuery because it makes writing JavaScript a lot easier.


1.Understanding some basic programming concepts and the terms that JavaScript programmers use to describe them.

2.Learning the language itself,and,like all languages,you need to know its vocabulary and how to structure your sentences.

3.Becoming familiar with how it is applied by looking at examples of how Javascript is commonly used in websites today.


To get the most out of this series,you will need to know how to build web pages using HTML and CSS.Beyond that,no prior experience with programming is necessary.


The only equipment you need to use this series are a computer with a modern web browser installed,and your favorite code editor,(e.g Notepad,TextEdit,Sublime Text or Coda)


In order to teach you JavaScript,this series will be divided into two sections:

  • Core Concepts
  • Practical Applications


1.The basics of Programming

2.What exactly is a script and how do i create one?

3.How do computers fit into the modern world?

4.Web browsers is programs built using objects


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