1. It was stated by Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s founder, that there are emerging concerns which need to be worked out, regarding Ethereum.The blockchain outline essentially banks on hold ups where singular nodes need to deal with each transaction thoroughly in order to ensure that everything is covered on the network.
  2. PoW is awfully pricey and is essentially exposed to 51% spawn camping outbreaks with no valuable line of attack in order to pull through from one. Greedy mining is fruitful commencing at 25-35% hashpower, and 51% censorship is certainly rewarding.
  3. Privacy is shocking
  4. It is difficult for fixed users to hold huge volumes of reserves without incurring considerable hazards of embezzlement or damage of their private keys.
  5. Money matters do not inspire sound ‘storage sterility’; insufficient incentives for clearing storage and insufficient cost for filling it, especially for long periods of time.
  6. A whole lot of diverse insignificant technical incompetence.



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