The basics of Programming

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Before you learn how to read and write JavaScript language itself, you need to become familiar with some fundamental concepts in computer programming.They will be covered in Three posts:

  1. What exactly is a script and how do I create one?
  2. How do computers fit into the modern world?
  3. How can I compose a script for any web page?

Once you have learned the basics, the following posts will show you how the JavaScript language can be used to tell browsers what you want them to do.


Each and every time a script runs, it may use a subset of all of the instructions.

Computers approach responsibilities in different ways than people, so your instructions must allow the computer to solve the task programmatically.

In order to address composing a script, break up your goal straight into a series of tasks after which work out every step required to accomplish that task (a flowchart can help).

You can read the intro to the whole series here.



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