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One would wonder why scammers would craft a rip-off utilising Ethereum. Let’s just say that it is commercial free will. It is big enough for anyone to disappear in front of your very eyes.


Pyramid Schemes

For starters, allow me to touch base on pyramid schemes. Ethereum permits a person to implement smart contracts which permit you to stringently impose the accomplishment of a pyramid scheme no failure to notice it once the public begins to go along with it. The code will carry on implementing it without end.


Some academics from the Cornell University have made massive enquiry relating to pyramid schemes flowing on the Ethereum podium. I will reiterate their observations by stating that folks which were involved in these schemes were completely unaware that they were actually scams which they are involved in.

From the PDF:

It is most likely that, as Ethereum joins its stance on the podium for smart contracts and as cryptocurrency, felons will use this opportunity to cash in on crime. Other than the rise of conventional pyramid schemes consenting to ether, there is an anticipation to the second bout of pyramid schemes, but most probably, they will be less detectable as the ones which have been researched. As an example, they could actually blend multi-level advertising, token sales and games in order to detect intricate smart contracts, making it somewhat difficult to categorise as pyramid schemes or genuine ventures.

We gather from our observation that we still have some time to plot relevant policy involvements and we grant a speedy perception of the problems which need to be faced in this path.

  • An ICO translates as an ‘Initial coin offering’ which ultimately is a method for people to generate funds utilising the Ethereum podium. A website must be created in which it is to state what the actual issue is, which the organisation is trying to resolve and their ISO needs to be enumerated on a particular website. Since June 2017, we kept ICOs in order to provide a page where posts of fraud, may be heard, in order to create a sense of culpability within this community particularly around 2 items:
  • Honestly depicting exactly what the organisation’s goals are
  • Being held liable for generating results
  • Not exacerbating their ICO schemes such as “IPCO windows” where the ICO lifts off at a particular date and ends at a particular set date.

Fundamentally, a lot of the rules which are present within instituted financial markets have a reason for their formulation and if they were not there, it would steer towards perilous investments.



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