The unveiling of TOR

The rise in cyber assault incidents and violations has prompted many companies and organisations to launch Bounty Bug programs in order to encourage hackers, bug hunters and researchers to locate and sensibly check in bugs as part of their services and the best part is that at the end of the day, they are compensated for their actions.

The non profit behind TPOR as well as the major companies and organizations which are followed, Tor is regarded as the heftiest prime online anonymity network which grants people the opportunity to remain anonymous while online, and they have at last, unleashed a “Bug Bounty Program.”

On Thursday, The Tor Project declared that they have united with HackerOne in order to commence a bounty program to convince hackers and security researchers, to locate and discreetly relate incidents and vulnerabilities which may bring about harm to the anonymity network.

HackerOne is a bug bounty set up which runs bug bounty programs for major companies like Yahoo, Twitter, Slack, Dropbox, uber, General Motors. You may or may not be surprised to note that even the United States Department of defense for Hack the Pentagon Initiative, have also utilized their services. Bug Bounty packages are cash grants which establishments and enterprises have provided to white hat attackers and investigators or researchers who pursue and trail after critical security vulnerabilities on their website or merchandise and then, they very sensibly, divulge all that requires revealing. In late December 2015 while a talk by the Tor Project at Chaos Communications Congress (CCC) was being held in Germany, The Tor Project revealed their objective to initiate a public bounty program. Do however note that the invite-only bounty set-up only commenced last year.

The ultimate recompensation for the failings stood at 4000 but know that bug hunters may earn a potential income of between $2000 and $4000 for the lofty awfulness of the vulnerabilities, between $500 and $2000 for mediocre severity vulnerabilities and an absolute bare minimum amount of 4100 for the lowest severity bugs.

Furthermore, you should know that smaller severity concerns could be gifted with a t.shirt, stickers and a reference to them in Tor’s hall of fame.

Worldwide, tor users comprising of human rights defenders, activists, lawyers and researchers, all of these above-mentioned people, count on the protection and care of Tor software, to be discrete and anonymous online. Georg Koppen who is the browser developer stated that he wants help to keep these activists protected from scrutiny, tracing and stalking. What makes the tor project so awesome is that it is managed as a non-profit organization which ensures that peoples interests in discretion are protected and that online surfers are able to feel free knowing that they remain anonymous and they will certainly not be traced.

Initially, the project revealed their plans to propel the bounty bug program some weeks after the FBI was blamed for bribing the researchers of Carnegie Mellon university (CMU) approximately a $1million to assist them in revealing tor users and their IP addresses, but the FBI adamantly rebuffed these claims.


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