What is Schedule Calibration?

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Why don’t we have fun with a trust exercise? You are going to stand up after which you can fall in the opposite direction. Do not worry, I will catch you.

What happened? You stumbled backward thus hitting the floor. That has to hurt. It is not my fault; we are not even in the same location.

I will understand if you didn’t trust me after my prank. It could be difficult to rely on me in the future when you can’t count on me. Although it’s obvious to see why an absence of trust harms a relationship, it might be trickier to find out how a shortage of confidence in something keeps you procrastinating.

Whenever you do not believe in your to-do list, it ‘s hard to procrastinate. After you complete everything on your list and proceed to add more, that breaks the trust. Before you decide to start doing work, you encourage yourself simply by saying you would be completed once the list had been completed. Introducing more tasks destroys that trust so that you can not motivate yourself again.

Schedule calibration happens when you have full faith in your to-do list. Whenever it says you’ve got an enormous amount of work to do, you get the entire thing done. When it says you’re completed, you stop. By only keeping that trust, you avoid improper habits of both overwork and inactivity.

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